Types of Makeup Styles   Go To Guide for Different Looks

Types Of Makeup Styles: Your Go-To Guide For Different Looks

There are so many different types of makeup styles it can be quite daunting to decide which style to go for and what products you need to achieve it. Different makeup looks can range from a clean and natural look to fully glam to creatively dramatic. Here, we will delve deeper into the different makeup style names and what each one represents to help you discover the perfect look.

Types of Makeup Styles: Find Your Perfect Look

2024 is set to see a resurgence in colour. Blush is making a comeback as are bold lips and monochromatic looks, however, the classic makeup style names remain. The most common styles, such as natural, bridal, glam, and soft glam are still in force, albeit with a 2024 twist. You may prefer different makeup looks from eras past or want to forge ahead into the latest trends. It simply comes down to knowing a few makeup tips and the types of makeup products that will achieve the look you are going for. Every look is achievable once you are armed with the right tools.

Understanding Different Makeup Styles

Makeup has been in existence for thousands of years. It is used to enhance your most favoured features and, with the advent of contouring, to diminish features you may not be so fond of. The different types of makeup styles today can be quite baffling, making it hard to know which one to choose, as there are a multitude of different looks available. To make it easier, we can break it down to subtle makeup, which includes natural, bridal and daywear. Dramatic would include evening, glam and gothic. Fun styles such as glitter and colourful are also a choice.

How do you describe makeup styles?

Different makeup looks can be fun to play with, but describing what you are trying to achieve can be difficult. Particularly when looking for the right makeup tips to make it happen. Let’s start with a subtle style such as natural, otherwise known as the no-makeup makeup. This is where makeup is applied that simply evens your skin tones, and nude colours are used to enhance your features in a way that ultimately makes you look healthy and vibrant without obvious heavy makeup. For a dramatic look such as gothic, strong bold colours are used around the eyes, cheeks and lips, typically applied on a foundation that is a few tones lighter than the natural skin tones. For a glam look, you would use a base that matches your skin tones and apply heavy layers of your chosen colours, including eyeliner and false lashes.

What is soft glam vs glam?

The answer lies in the name. Glam types of makeup styles are dramatic and bold, with an obviously heavy makeup appearance, such as hard lines and big lashes. It is the epitome of luxuriousness and glamour when it comes to wearing makeup. Soft glam is simply a softer version of the glam look with less makeup and smooth lines. Soft glam can be monochromatic, even subtle, but still an obvious statement that is blended and softer in appearance to full glam.

Tips for Achieving Your Desired Look

Whichever makeup style you want to achieve, you will need the appropriate makeup products and tools. Remember, practice makes perfect, so do not be afraid to experiment and try new methods. Utilising superior products from a quality cosmetics manufacturer, such as MPlus Cosmetics, will make application easier and give you a longer-lasting look. This is why when searching for a lipstick manufacturer, or mascara supplier it is wise to research the company and ensure they have proven results.

Recommended Makeup Products for Each Style

Different makeup looks are achieved not only through various types of makeup products, they are also achieved by utilising different tools, brushes and techniques. For example, you may wish to have cat’s eyes. There are so many versions of cat eyes, and they can be achieved in many different ways using liquid eyeliner, pencils, or even eyeshadow. It all depends on what you are comfortable with, and what works best for you. The same can be said for every style of makeup. Makeup tips and demonstrations of how to apply makeup are freely available online. Research the style you want and find a method you feel will work for you. Then it is simply a matter of practicing.

The all-important base

Regardless of the style you have chosen, always ensure that you use the appropriately coloured base to even out your skin tone effectively, creating a beautiful blank canvas to which you can apply your makeup. You may prefer a flawless, smooth satin effect or a barely-there coverage that allows your stunning natural features, such as freckles to show through. With the base applied correctly, you will find it easier to apply further makeup with precision. It also helps to keep your makeup in place for longer by providing a buffer between your skin’s natural oils and the colours you choose to apply.

There are no hard rules in makeup

Each year a new trend evolves with a different type of makeup style. There is no shame in bucking the trends and choosing a retro look or creating your own unique makeup style. The only true rule is to ensure you use quality products that will not run, bleed or smudge easily. Mascara that gives you a panda eyes look if it smudges, or lipstick that bleeds and emphasises those fine lines around your lips will detract from all the effort you put into perfecting your chosen appearance. Choosing wisely with products such as those from MPlus Cosmetics will avoid such problems. Makeup is meant to make you feel great, increase your confidence, and emphasise your features. Remember to have fun, experiment, and not be afraid to try different makeup looks. Ultimately, as long as you love your look, that is all that matters.