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At MPlus Cosmetics our dedication to innovation and excellence ensures the highest quality outcomes you seek, each and every time. We are a cosmetic manufacturer that takes pride in assisting our business partners in tailoring makeup production, packaging and labelling in a manner that results in private-label cosmetics for you and your target audience.

Cosmetic Manufacturing at MPlus Cosmetics

Welcome to MPlus Cosmetics, your trusted partner in the production of luxury cosmetics and private label. We are a well-known cosmetic manufacturer specializing in cosmetics manufacturing and makeup production. Our mission is to provide high-quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations. With our focus on luxury private label cosmetics, we are committed to creating distinctive products that stand out in the market. Discover how we can turn your vision into reality, offering customized and superior quality solutions.
Our state-of-the-art facilities in Milan, Italy, house highly experienced and skilled cosmetic scientists ensuring that our processing techniques are second to none. Research and development play a large role in providing makeup production that is innovative and produces on-trend outcomes. You may have specific colour needs for each lipstick or require a foundation that is suitable for certain skin tones and this is all achievable with the in-house team working tirelessly to achieve your specific goals.

Cosmetics manufacturing process

An innovation network completely dedicated to transform ideas into pioneering and successful products, anticipating and generating new beauty trends, inspiring our clients with out-of-the-box concepts. Whether you are seeking a foundation manufacturer, lipstick manufacturer or mascara supplier, our cosmetics manufacturing processes will provide you with beautifully crafted cosmetics that you will be proud to apply your name to. We work to ensure the most up-to-date techniques and innovations are applied when producing products for each of our customers around the world.
Partnering with MPlus Cosmetics as your cosmetic manufacturer is a decision you will not regret. Being based in the fashion capital of the world is an added bonus, as you can be sure your products will be perfectly on-trend.

The leading cosmetic manufacturer

Being an OEM cosmetic and brush manufacturer, our focus is on providing a unique product for our clients. We are leaders in our field with a global customer base including the USA, United Kingdom, Italy and Thailand. Your own luxury private label cosmetics are within reach when you partner with MPlus Cosmetics to create your own line, no matter where in the world you are or where your target audience is based.
With more than two decades of operation, consistently updating and perfecting our product, we strongly believe we are one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers in the world.

Following your initial consultation, we will go above and beyond other cosmetics manufacturers by assisting with market analysis, research and development, packaging sourcing and sales ideas. Unlike other cosmetics factories, you are included throughout the entire production process to ensure that your luxury private-label cosmetics make you proud of your brand and match your target audience’s needs. You may wish to target a certain age group or a specific culture, have a limited edition with a one-off precise purpose, or have a timeless product that appeals to all.
We are here to assist you to succeed with whatever your goal or vision is regarding your cosmetics line.

The MPlus Cosmetics team are as passionate about our customer service as we are about cosmetics manufacturing providing an overall first-class experience.
Contact us today to get started on developing a unique makeup line that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Your Trusted Cosmetic Manufacturer for High-Quality Cosmetics

The highest level of EXPERTISE in MASCARA development for CUSTOMIZED beauty solutions.

Specialized in FIBER BRUSH design and production,

in-house & Made in Italy

Evolving INNOVATIVE make-up concepts to DRIVE the future of beauty.

MORE THAN mascara: dream new FACE, EYES & LIPS solutions.

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About us

MPlus Cosmetics is a contract manufacturer based in Inzago (Milan), specialized in the creation, development and manufacturing of color cosmetics. 

Born as Mascara Plus, the company was founded in 2002 by David Chant, whose expertise in mascara formulation combined with the in-house production of fiber brushes…

Our value

Our top priority is the customer. We put solid expertise, the highest proficiency and specific know-how to service our customer’s needs.

Innovation Hub

A global team of highly specialized experts constantly works in synergy to develop unlimited beauty solutions.

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Start a project

We provide 360° support for your ideas, from personalized packaging designs to specific formulations, developing a strategic brand concept to perfectly target your consumers.


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