Breaking The Stigma – The Best Makeup For Men

Breaking the Stigma - The Best Makeup for Men

Thankfully, the world has changed, and the once shocking issue of men wearing makeup is becoming normalized and accepted in more and more places worldwide. Yet the stigma has always been a ridiculous one at heart. People think nothing of men having makeup applied to appear on television or zany 80s hair-rockers changing and enhancing their appearances with makeup. This article examines the ever-growing market in makeup for men and how to create natural, masculine looks using the best products and techniques.

Although women’s beauty products and regimes dominate the industry, makeup for men has been available for centuries, rising and fading in popularity with the trends of the day. From ancient Egyptian men using black pigment to create cat-eye designs to represent their masculinity in 4000 BC to the dramatic ghostly-white powders applied to the skin during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, men wearing makeup is nothing new.

Makeup for Men: A beginner’s guide

Decent tutorials showing how to apply natural male makeup will often quote the following steps as essential to achieving the desired look. At MPlus Cosmetics, we are in complete agreement:

  • Thoroughly clean the face and neck, using a mild scrub if desired.
  • Use a good quality moisturizer— The most crucial step in creating glowing, natural, masculine makeup looks is applying moisturizer before you begin applying the makeup. It is useless to try and create a refined, professional effect if the face is not in the best condition possible.
  • Apply foundation—Whether you prefer liquid, cream, or powder foundations, they must be applied evenly to the face and neck to cover flaws and give the skin an even appearance and uniform color that can be successfully built upon. Some foundations include moisturizers, sunscreen, or even an astringent base layer to tighten pores and remove excess oil from the skin. Experimentation is critical in finding the perfect system for your skin, but a quality foundation must play some part in the process, so choose yours carefully. As the first product to be applied, it will spend the most time on your skin and must be right for you.
  • Apply concealer—Concealer does a great job at hiding everything from dark circles under the eyes to variations in the skin’s pigmentation and various blemishes. While it may seem that this is the same job the foundation is supposed to handle, the foundation is better at enhancing the skin’s overall tone. Concealer hides those unsightly imperfections and complements the work of the foundation perfectly. Both products can be used separately to great effect, but the sum of their parts does not equal the whole they create when used together.
  • Apply brow/facial hair filler—This type of filler helps give the impression of fuller brows if required, and a thicker, fuller beard without patches or uneven areas. A precision brush will be needed and can make a startling difference in the appearance of natural, healthy facial hair.
  • Apply contour—Those chiseled jawlines often need a touch of assistance to pop, and contour is your friend in this. Using tones slightly darker than your skin, the naturally attractive features can be ‘lowlighted’, making them jump out and look naturally beautiful.
  • Apply highlighter—Just as we wanted to add shadow to specific areas to make them stand out, we now want to highlight the areas we pushed forward. The concept is the same, but now we have a lighter tone to play with, and the areas to highlight are the ones that are naturally pronounced, like the cheekbones, chin, and hairline.
  • Apply finishing powder—To add the final touches and blur any noticeable lines between your layers, finishing powder is the perfect solution. Acting like a filter, it conceals pores, covers fine lines, and creates a flawless result.

Creating Natural Male Makeup Looks

Most men wearing makeup prefer a more subtle overall effect, highlighting their best features and hiding blemishes or discolorations. You can work on and practice creating a natural male makeup routine to find what suits your purposes and skin type best. However, one thing you can do that will always be a good use of your time is to create a comprehensive skincare regime and stick to it. Keeping your skin in prime condition is a great way to facilitate the easy application of makeup and give yourself the best possible canvas to work on. Whether you have been wondering how to hide a mustache with makeup or want to create masculine makeup looks, you could not have come to a better place.

Top Products: Best Makeup for Guys

You can check a hundred different websites and get the same number of opinions as to the best makeup for men. The truth is that experimenting for yourself and finding your favorite products is always the way to go. There is some wisdom in the adage that ‘you get what you pay for’, but in the age of powerhouse brands and targeted marketing, it may hold less weight than it once did. If so much of the price you pay is being funneled into tempting others to do the same, less is being spent on research and development, two of the most fundamental tenets of any beauty product. As technologies improve and the science behind beauty products is pushed ever further, it is all too easy to rest on one’s laurels and reap the benefits of past successes. This is diametrically opposite to the view we take at MPlus Cosmetics, and our goal is always to improve all aspects of our business, from communication and service to the final product.

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