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How Cosmetics Packaging Design Impacts Consumer Behavior

It’s no secret that how products are packaged significantly impacts us as consumers, consciously and subconsciously. This aspect of marketing and design has been transformed into a fine art across every industry, and the world of beauty product packaging is no exception. The manufacturing of cosmetics involves much more than just creating the perfect beauty product and sharing it with the masses. It is not enough to have the best luxury product on the market if people do not gravitate toward it because it is visually unappealing or fails to catch their attention. From boutique mascara private label makers to the biggest manufacturer of lipstick on the planet, all must play by the rules to achieve ever greater success. 


Why pretty makeup packaging is essential in driving consumer interest

One thing that separates beauty supplies from other products is that they cannot rely on consumers’ ability to interact with the product itself. Although many retail locations offer samples and testing facilities, most of the time, potential customers are left with nothing more than a pretty box and written information to interact with. This makes it especially vital for beauty product packaging to do most of the work in attracting attention and holding it long enough to promote sales. 

Other critical aspects of marketing, like reputation, word-of-mouth/online reviews, and past experiences with the product, all play essential roles. However, in terms of simply catching the eye and holding an individual’s attention, aesthetics and innovative styling have a lot of heavy lifting to do in the beauty product industry. 


The Art of Creating Pretty Makeup Packaging: A Visual Delight

Some key elements in any attempt to influence consumers and garner positive associations include:

Overall attractiveness and visual appeal

Although incorporating bold, non-traditional stylistic elements and features is a valid decision, many consumers are still drawn to visually appealing packaging, and it would be a mistake to use brash ugliness as a sole strategy. 

  • Making a statement on the shelf with innovative ideas—Unusual shapes, memorable designs, unconventional materials, and interesting finishes all help products generate interest and appeal.
  • Unique Designs: Packaging should stand out and attract buyer attention. Unique designs create a memorable impression and set the brand apart from competitors.
  • Clever use of color—Colors are powerful subconscious emotional triggers and in-depth knowledge of how they work on the human psyche can be a powerful tool in marketing any brand. 


The physical properties and feel of beauty products packaging

  • Unboxing—Anticipation and the experience of unboxing a new product are key factors in enhancing the consumer’s sensation and promoting brand loyalty. Products must not only look good but also be well-made and exude quality from every angle. 
  • Premium-quality packaging—We may not realize how much influence the feel and quality of packaging has on us as consumers, but it is significant. The last thing any cosmetics brand wants is to be associated with a feeling of cheapness, and product packaging embodies any brand’s overall ethos and quality. Whatever packaging is chosen must retain its structural integrity to protect the product and maintain its quality for its useable lifespan.
  • Practicality of use—As beautiful as any beauty product packaging is, it will lose all positive associations if it is awkward and frustrating to open and access. We’ve all struggled with blister packs that are seemingly impenetrable, and we want to avoid creating those feelings in clients who are here to experience a sense of luxury. This same consideration applies to the items inside the boxes, as it’s great fun to have unusually shaped containers right up until they roll off the shelf and break. 


Beauty Packaging Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not Sustainability

A focus on sustainable practices has become one of the influential beauty packaging trends that looks set to stay. Companies need to adjust their approach to manufacturing and aim to create environmentally responsible, ethically sourced products and packaging. Some recent advancements include:

  • Biodegradable packaging—Naturally derived materials and plastics that decompose are preferred over single-use, non-recyclable options.
  • Recyclable materials like glass and metal—These materials have the added advantage of feeling high-end, although production costs may be prohibitive. 

Playing to nostalgia

Every so often, at points that can be hard to pinpoint or explain, there will be a trend towards harking back to the ‘good old days’ when things were simpler and, perhaps, more elegant. Keeping an eye on this phenomenon and staying ahead of any imminent trends is not always straightforward or even possible. Still, once they become ‘hot,’ it is time to strike before over-saturation kills the movement and new fads move in and replace them. Some nostalgia-based design tactics include:

  • Retro colors and designs that strike a chord with older consumers can appear cool and vintage to younger ones. This ability to resonate with individuals across the board is gold dust for any beauty products packaging designer.
  • Old-fashioned fonts and design elements can hark back to stylish, classy times, especially if paired with a well-considered, effective marketing campaign.

Tactile surfaces to enhance sensory appeal

Textured surfaces that are pleasing to the touch are a critical element of cosmetics packaging design. They represent a fantastic way to entice people to engage with products and appeal to them via different senses. Some options to consider include:

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Finishes that are soft to the touch, like velvet
  • Additional elements like tassels


Best Practices in Beauty Product Packaging Design

While it is still perfectly acceptable, viable, and even desirable to lean towards pretty makeup packaging, modern cosmetics manufacturers cannot afford to ignore the broader beauty packaging trends and preferences seen among discerning clientele. Thoughtful, innovative cosmetics packaging design can alter consumer perceptions and heavily influence their purchasing behavior. 

Aligning with consumer preferences is a keystone of any successful branding and marketing strategy and an invaluable way to achieve and maintain an edge in a fiercely competitive market. As the industry constantly seeks to reevaluate and reinvent itself, it is critical to stay one step ahead and remember that cosmetics packaging design is just one part of the puzzle, albeit a crucial one.