Guide to Makeup for Your Skin Tone   Tips & Tricks

Guide To Makeup For Your Skin Tone – Tips & Tricks

A surprising number of people are unaware of the importance of the skin’s undertones when choosing the perfect skin color makeup to suit their tones. Imagine applying a thin layer of white paint onto a blue wall, then a red one, and finally a brown one. The wall’s original color (undertone) will shine through and be reflected in the overall appearance of the finished product. This is an excellent way to think about your skin. Your skin’s surface tone is sitting over an undertone that will drastically affect the appearance of any cosmetics you apply on top. In this article, the experienced, knowledgeable team at MPlus Cosmetics wants to provide you with a better understanding of how to recognize and compensate for various skin undertones, how to choose makeup for your skin tone, and the use of color charts to assess your skin and find the perfect cosmetic match. If you’ve been wondering ‘what color makeup should I wear’, read on and find out.

Understanding Skin Tone and Undertone

The tone of any individual’s skin is determined by the amount of pigment (melanin) present in its uppermost layer. Undertone is a subtle but powerful contributing factor in the skin’s overall appearance, as it is a subcutaneous color that sits below the surface. As with the analogy of the painted wall, the timbre of that subsurface shade can have a marked effect on the appearance of the skin and is often referred to by the warmth of the prevailing tone, namely:

  • Warm
  • Cold
  • Neutral

People with similar outer skin tones can have very different appearances due to differing undertones, making their ideal skin color makeup utterly different.

How to determine your skin’s undertone to choose the perfect skin color makeup

It may never have occurred to you to check your skin’s undertone, but it is a relatively simple procedure. The first thing to do is to check out your veins, and the following conclusions can be made:

  • Greenish veins = warm undertones
  • Blue/purplish undertones = cool undertones
  • Colorless/skin-matching veins = neutral undertones

If you struggle to locate and identify the color of your veins, another simple test can be remarkably effective. Place a white cloth or sheet of paper directly next to your face in front of a well-lit mirror and observe how your skin’s hue changes. Natural light works best for this, and the following conclusions can be made based on your observations:

  • Gold/Yellowish appearance = warm undertones
  • Blue/pinkish appearance = cool undertones
  • Mixed results = neutral undertones

Variations in undertones

When choosing makeup for your skin tone, the focus will be on the face. Remember that skin undertones are not always uniform, and your body and neck may have different hues. It is possible to find varying undertones on your face, making the successful application of cosmetics a little more complex. However, once you have ascertained the subtle differences, it is a simple matter of following the rules for skin color makeup that we will address shortly for great results every time. Your first task is to check your undertones thoroughly, noting any variations to consider when choosing the perfect makeup for your skin tone.

Makeup for Your Skin Tone: How to Choose the Perfect Shades

Although some people choose their look and stick to it, many of us are more flexible and enjoy changing things up now and then. This is especially true during seasonal changes when fashions and practicalities force fun changes that can be adventurous and bold. The same applies to your choice of makeup for your skin tone, and those fluctuations can signal time to mix things up and try something new. When asking yourself, ‘What color makeup should I wear?’ It is imperative to do plenty of testing and experimenting first. Some practical, valuable tips to follow include:

  • Identify your skin tones
  • Find the brand you prefer that offers a good range of options
  • Patch-test foundations
  • Find a matching concealer
  • Choose translucent powders over pigmented, pressed ones

Tips for Choosing Makeup for Cool Undertones

If you have been asking yourself, ‘What color makeup should I wear?’, here are some tips and tricks we have picked up through years in the industry. First, as mentioned above, it is essential to ascertain your skin’s undertones. Once you have done this, the following rules and generalizations can be applied to your choice of skin color makeup:

Cool undertones

A pink, rosy flush to your skin is one of the telltale signs of cool undertones, and individuals will often have the following attributes:

  • Light blue, gray, or deep brown eyes
  • Ash-blonde, dark brown, or jet-black hair
  • Fair skin and a tendency to burn easily

Makeup for cool undertones As a general rule, the following colors best compliment cool undertones:

  • Rosy pinks
  • Cool blues
  • Greens
  • Purples
  • Blue-based reds
  • Greys
  • Browns

Colors to avoid with cool skin undertones:

  • Soft, pastel shades
  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Neutral colors like white and beige

Warm undertones

People with warm skin undertones generally look best in colors similar to those tones, including:

  • Bright or light colors
  • Earthy colors like tan, amber, and beige
  • Pastels like peach and lavender
  • Creams
  • Coral and deep ruby red
  • Soft yellows

Colors to avoid with warm skin undertones:

  • Cool (blues)
  • Pistachio
  • Mustard
  • Olive green
  • Mocha brown

Neutral undertones

Individuals with neutral skin undertones are lucky in suiting almost all hues, but the following are particularly attractive against neutral undertones:

  • Mid-spectrum colors, not too bright or bold
  • Dusty pink
  • Medium green
  • Jade
  • Light peach
  • Lagoon blue
  • Soft yellows (cornsilk or buff)
  • Plum
  • Violet

Colors to avoid with neutral skin undertones:

  • Anything too bright or vibrant, especially reds and yellows, can overwhelm

Makeup Skin Tone Chart: Finding Your Perfect Match

  • Makeup skin tone chart

Matching the shade of your foundation to the undertones of your skin enhances your natural coloring and can have a flattering effect that softens your look. Hundreds of sites offer a makeup skin tone chart to help you judge and select the best makeup for your skin tone. Please spend some time investigating several and drawing your own conclusions regarding the tones of your skin, both below the surface and on it.

Best eyeshadow colors for different eyes

Most people know that making the eyes pop using complementary eyeshadow colors is a fantastic way to create a striking visual look and highlight our natural attributes. As an expert mascara manufacturer, we generally apply the following principles:

  • Blue eyes look best highlighted with brown and bronze
  • Green eyes are enhanced by deep purples
  • Brown eyes look stunning with blue shades

As always, the fine art of finding your look with makeup is an intensely personal choice, and you may wish to rebel against those rules and create your own effects. Experiment with your favorite colors and take photographs each time to refer to and make comparisons. Just because traditional wisdom tells us that the best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes tend towards browns and bronzes doesn’t mean you can’t be a rebel and find your vibe.

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